Pick of the week 

It’s no secret that I can be partial to a bit of a moan so I’m going to pick one thing from each week that has been good and talk about that, I’m sure even I can find one thing…just one…

I’m choosing a apt week to start cause this week was always going to be a bit of shitter, first week back after a month in the sun, miserable much? It wasn’t however all bad, my pick this week came from Monday – yep peaked on a Monday, about sums up the week. Anywho the little man had a paediatrics appointment. Something I never really look forward to as his weight is always poor, not even on the chart even for his imagecorrected age poor. They discuss all his issues and what other doctors might do, don’t do a great deal about them and then we leave without really being any further forward, to return again a few weeks later *Sigh*

So off we headed with the usual reluctance, although given our time away it had been some 6 weeks since our last appointment and his weigh in and I was feeling cautiously optimistic as he did seem noticeably bigger, but I’ve though that before and been so wrong. Turns outs though my instinct was this time was right (woo) Toby is now on the grid!! He is finally back on the growth chart. He is 8 months and weighs a whole 14lb3, I know it’s really not big for an 8 month old but for someone who was born at 4lb and seemed to be better at loosing weight than gaining it (I know!!) this was pretty good. Not only was he on the grid he was above the 0.4th centile (admittedly below the 2nd but small victories). We were also told we wouldn’t have to come back for 4 months – seeing as our appointments are usually measured by the week this was also a good little victory.

So it seems as though the answer to our (Toby’s) problems was to give him a month in the sun, it obviously helped him and just has to be the reason for his improvement, right? Only one thing for it, think a more permenant trip is in order…what do you say MR Tammy? Medicinal reasons obviously.


MS Calling

5 thoughts on “Pick of the week 

  1. Go Toby! I think the height/weight charts are there to make parents worry! Dropping and climbing centiles just make health professionals jump on a problem, and i know it’s always good to be cautious but come on there is enough to worry about!


    1. Yes I think you are right there. It is nice to have some sort of guide but Iv tried not to get too hung up on it…as best you can when everyone’s telling you he’s not thriving. **rolls eyes** thank you for your comment xx

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  2. Oh, I am so happy to hear of your victory this week! Way to go, Toby!
    It took my son over a month to get back to birth weight, and I remember the scale was such a scary thing. It really does have its way of making you worry, and the doctors don’t make you feel much better!
    But, I am so happy to hear your little man is putting the weight on, and finally hitting the charts! Keep getting out there and getting lots of sun, and maybe he’ll have delicious baby rolls by the time 4 months rolls around! ❤


  3. Thats great that Toby is doing so well. Well done both of you. Yes, definitely a good excuse (reason) for more holidays!


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