It’s all about that..CAKE!

So some of you may know (I’ve only mentioned it a couple times in my last few posts *looks sheepish*) that Mr TM, the babies and I took some time out, coughcough a month coughcough in the canaries and as our dreaded return date loomed that ‘I don’t want to go home feeling’ started to lurk around like a grey cloud over my head. However shortly before we were due to return home I was contacted by Baker Days and asked if I would be imagewilling to review a cake from their Easter 5″ Letterbox Gift range, ummmm YES, simples. The cake was scheduled to arrive chez moi the same day as I returned home, I must say coming home to this lovely cake did help soften the blow, so thank you Baker Days. Click here to check out Baker Days website and all they have to offer

Anyway back to the task in hand, the cake is designed to fit through your letterbox..duh, which it did easily. I was ambivalent about receiving a cake through the post, the first reason being was ‘it’s safety’ so to speak. The cake is however wonderfully wrapped and stored in a beautiful tin, keeping it nice and safe. This tin was an added bonus that I will certainly be keeping. In the box comes the cake, a gift card, a leaflet with further information about Baker Days products and services and there was also two mini chocolate Easter eggs, which was both fitting and a nice touch. Suffice to say the eggs were gone as soon as I saw them – sorry Mr TM.


When purchasing one of these cakes you are able to pick a design of your choice (of which there are plenty) and you can add a personalised message and/or a photo, dependant on your design choice. I did choose a design with a photo – thought I would test their metal and all that, but mostly because the gushing mum part of me couldn’t resist putting my little boys face on a cake. I must say, the cake itself looked truely fantastic, I was genuinely impressed at the quality. The design was exactly how the pictures showed, there was no blurring and it was all perfectly clear. I didn’t however think putting my boys face on the cake through, none of us wanted to cut into it!



Anywho the pull of the chocolate cake got the better of me and we did cut the cake ( a quick aside – you can choose from Victoria sponge, chocolate chip, fruit cake or dairy or wheat free cakes, although there is a surcharge if you opt for any other than the Victoria sponge). The one other thing that I was a little unsure about before trying the cake, was the taste, I wasn’t sure how it could possibly be fresh and moist given that there would of course be delay from baking to eating, given that the cake is posted.  Baker Days state their cakes keep fresh for 14 days, and they weren’t wrong, I was pleasantly surprised (as was Mr TM and his elder daughter who were also on the cake tasting panel), the cake was indeed moist and fresh and had a really lovely chocolatey taste about it. The chocolate itself wasn’t too rich but neither was it too light or sugary. There was just the right amount of chocolate chips amongst the sponge to add that extra  (but not too much) chocolatey taste and moisture. It definitely surpassed my expectations and I would certainly recommend the chocolate cake, which is made with Belgium chocolate.

My only negative to the cake was the taste of icing but if I am honest I think this is a personal thing, I have never really liked decorative icing as I find it too sweet. I only had small bit of this icing to taste, and it was as I suspected, too sweet for me. That or I couldn’t bring myself to eat my sons face. That being said Mr TM and his daughter ate their share of the icing so it can’t have been too sweet for all.

Our at home tasting panel were all agreed the Letterbox cake gift is a novel and fab idea. It makes for an original and personalised present that looks as tastes great. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it as Baker Days are giving away a free personalised Letterbox cake in the design and flavour of the winners choosing to a lucky reader. It’s very simple, like and share this post on Facebook or like and Retweet on Twitter and the winner will be chosen at random. Good luck and get sharing.

In the meantime head over to and get thinking about which cake you would like.

We saved his face till last…but we still ate it, couldn’t resist.
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8 thoughts on “It’s all about that..CAKE!

  1. Great review lovely. We had one too the Victoria sponge and were also happily surprised as it was yummy! I’m with you on the icing though as I like frosting but you couldn’t send that in the post LOL. I can’t believe you eat his cute little face 😊


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