#whatwouldyoudo? To fly or not to fly?

Now one of my favourite things to do of all time is go on holiday. I will never be a wealthy woman because if there is one thing I will over stretch myself for it is to travel. I love exploring new places, the lack of responsibility, the freedom to do what you want when you want, to relax and sit with the sun on your face…hmm ok I think I am reminiscing about pre baby holidays there but you get the idea.



Since having children however the luxury of foreign holidays have not been at the forefront of our destination list. You have to pack a small shops worth of baby pharafenalia when daring to stay away from home for the night let alone several weeks in a different country with a 20kg weight allowance, which is for adults only…and we have 2 babies. Instead over the summer we enjoyed several stay cations where we fully loaded the car and opted for the comfort of familiar surroundings, one of the perks being, if you forgot something you could simply buy it, and you knew where from. Much less stressful.

IMG_1419That being said when we had one baby (and one in my tum) earlier this year we did brave the airplane and flew to Lanzarote for a bit of winter sun. Whilst at the airport with our little 6 month old everybody was cooing over her, smiling at us, striking up polite conversation about the little one. However, when they saw us standing in the queue for their flight their smiles noticeably dropped and you could see the look of dread spread across their face as the realisation hit that they were the unlucky buggers who faced a 4 hour flight with a baby. I don’t blame them, I was absolutely dreading it, and that is an understatement. Before I had children crying babies on flights did irritate me but in all honesty it wasnt something I let wind me up – I had the luxury of being able to put headphones in and ignore it! Being mum does not come with that option. However to my great surprise the little one was amazing. She was quieter than the toddlers, happier than the young kids and slept better than I ever thought she would. Fellow travellers went out of their way to come up to us after the flight and tell us however impressed they were. Hallelujah.

With the onset of winter, dark nights and nasty winter bugs spreading around we find ourselves getting itchy feet and longing for a bit of sunshine once again, scanning the flight prices and weighing up the possibilities of air travel with two babies. Crazy? Probably. Baby 2 will be 7 months when we intend to go but he is quite a chilled little man who is happy to sit being cuddled and if history is anything to go by he won’t be the problem. Baby 1 will be 18 months old. She is however such a busy little lady and does not like to sit still, unless she has a biscuit in her hand…and one in her mouth. She wants to be on the move at all times. I struggle to entertain her for 4 hours in the home let alone in a space restricted air craft full of grumpy onlooking holiday makers, and I don’t think it’s right I stuff her with biscuits for 4 hours, is it? Is it unfair of me to make others sit through my potential toddler strops and is it fair to put my little girlie through it too? She is only young and doesn’t understand – it’s not her fault she can’t sit quietly on a plane for four hours, hell its boring for us adults.

And it’s not just the flight that worries me, what about when you are there? Holidays with little ones have a tendancy to be the same shit but just that little bit harder and if a different place. Your home comforts are not to hand, toys, familiar beds, things to do, routines are out the window. And will mum and dad get stressed that the holiday is actually hard work and not the relaxing sangria on the beach it used to be? Probably.
imageOn the flip side however, said holiday will involve grandparents so we will outnumber the babies 2 to 1 and the little ones absolutely love their grandparents. Baby 1 will love the attention and our own pool and she is so nosey and there will be so many new things for her to look at and take in. It will get baby 2 out of the British winter which has already been behind 2 hospital stays. Dad will be more chilled without the pressures of running his own business (the pint in hand may also help) and it will be nice for grandparents to have family time and a month in the sun wouldn’t do me any harm either.

So what do you think? Would you take your little ones on a plane and embark on a foreign holiday? Have you already done it and have some horror stories or pleasant surprises to share? Or do you have an age limit before you would even consider it? #whatwouldyoudo?

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21 thoughts on “#whatwouldyoudo? To fly or not to fly?

  1. Tricky… We have on the most part avoided flying (mainly because the hubby hates it)…but did one holiday with 2 year old Tigs, just before arrival of #2. I’m definitely going to start looking at holidays for next year though with both (ages 4 and 18 months then) as Tigs will start school in September, so bye bye cheap holidays! Good luck! Sometimes, best thing is to just go for it… #coolmumclub Thanks for linking x


  2. I haven’t taken my ‘lil one on a plane yet, and would be terrified to, partly for the reasons described here (you are brave!) but also because I am afraid of flying. At some point I am going to have to do it, and I am now also worried about passing the fear on by looking nervous in front of an impressionable child. I fear it may be camping holidays in England from now on…

    Glad to hear that your experience was actually OK!


    1. Ah well if you have your own phobia of flying it makes any air travel with little ones a double whammy. I’m not sure I could face that either, no matter how nice the beach lol. Nothing wrong with a good British holiday – I had a new found appreciation for them this year! There are so many nice places I never even knew about! Xx


  3. We did a lot of flying during the first year because we lived in Asia and honestly, since then we have much preferred just packing up the car and going because a flight does feel like a lot of upheaval just to have the same shit somewhere else – we\re definitely more about the British countryside these days! Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub lovely and Merry Christmas!



    1. Thank you for your comment, wow living in Asia must have been a great experience for all but I bet the little ones can’t remember it? I don’t blame you, it does seem like a lot of hard work for what is meant to be a holiday lol. Happy Christmas to you too! X


  4. We took the Tubblet to America when she was a just over a year old. We were lucky as she was a good traveller and we have no horror stories. Apart from the looks of terror we got when people saw us coming towards them on the plane! Children may be cute, but no one wants to sit anywhere near them! Good luck with whatever you decide


    1. Wow America I am so impressed. We really wanted to do America but it just seemed like it would be too far and were not brave enough lol I’m stressing about 4 hours let alone 9! Fair play to you for doing though and I’m glad it all went so well! X


  5. I worried too and I thought for a long long time before taking any of mine along…I think it’s just having to do lots of planning and packing! We started with short plane rides and gradually extended it. I’ve learnt to just tune out other peoples’ looks and stares. We had good experiences and we’ve had “oh no, is there still 7 more hours to this flight?”. Kids will be kids and they have their days too. What to bring in your hand luggage is so crucial! Good luck! #coolmumclub


  6. We took my little boy to Spain when he was 10months old. He had just started crawling and moving around so I think any older and it would have been a nightmare on the plane. He doesn’t sit still for 1 minute now, so I cannot imagine a plane journey at the moment. The holiday was very stressful too. We decided to visit center Parcs a few months later and loved it! We will stay away from planes for at least the next year and do a few more center Parcs breaks while he is going through the terrible twos. #coolmumclub


    1. Oh I don’t blame you! That does sound like a stressful plane journey. It doesn’t feel like a holiday if it’s too stressful does it! Glad you have a found a good destination for you all though, those foreign holidays will still be there in a few years!

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  7. Whats the worst that can happen? I’m planning to book a trip to australia in August to see a friend. My son will be just over 2 and it’ll be his first flight. I must be crazy so don’t listen to me! Ha ha #KCACOLS


  8. OMG flying abroad with your kids is a nightmare!! I have done it several times because I have my family in Peru so we go there to visit when we can. It is the longest flight ever!! I have done every type of flights. We now try to book night flights when we do this long journeys. The trips around Europe are easy comparing with the other ones. My sister lives in Vienna so we have been there a few times but not with my 2nd daughter only with my 1st one. At the moment we are avoiding this long flights as they are bloody expensive and they are too tiring!! This year we will do more holidays in the UK. Thanks for sharing this at #KCACOLS. As you know I have taken a little break from blogging but #KCACOLS will be back next Saturday 9th January so I would love to see you again!! Happy New Year lovely!! 🙂 xx


    1. Wow very brave doing long haul, but I guess it’s a necessary evil so to speak. I think you’re right there, flight timing is key, we’ve tried to book our flights around babies sleep/nap time, whether it works or not we shall see… I am dreading it though. UK holidays are so much easier! Thanks for your comment, I look forward to linking up on the 9th, hope you enjoyed your break! Xx

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  9. Ohh, well having never flown myself let alone taken a child in a plane, I feel completely unqualified to answer this question, but I look forward to reading the follow up post to see what you decided.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeveyrhting


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