#What would you do? Does terror stop you? 

In the run up to the Christmas the towns and cities are getting busier and the annual Christmas markets are filling up the streets. Whilst not the biggest Christmas fan I do love the Christmas markets, it is after all full of wine and chocolate! Usually the OH and I make a day (and night) of it. Being 20 minutes out of Birmingham we usually do our Christmas shopping, treat ourselves to a hotel so we can dump the bags and spend the rest of the day supping Gluhwien followed by a spot of dinner – oh those were the days. However now we come complete with two babies, so we had planned on taking the children, showing them the lights, the people, the rides and having the odd Gluhwien, baby 1 is so nosy watching all the people would be right up her street. I have been really looking forward to this.

However in the wake of the atrocities in Paris people around me have started to question whether going into a busy city centre is the best idea, some of which had come from people who possess more information than the average citizen. I must say, rightly or wrongly this had not crossed my mind. When the OH and I discussed it my initial response was one of difiance, ‘don’t be ridiculous I won’t be intimidated into changing my life, that’s exactly what ‘they’ want’, I couldn’t even really believe it was a consideration. Then I stopped and looked down from my perch and saw my two beautiful babies looking up at me, and I began to think what if… 

It doesn’t bear thinking about. But the point is, for the poor people of Paris it is more than a thought, it is reality, a reality I must say I had always felt quite far removed from. Further, it remains a reality for the people of Brussels, a city remains on lock down as I write this.

I do firmly believe that if it were not for my children I would without hesitation go into Birmingham, London, I’d even go to Paris and revel in the freedom we have because, I CAN, that is the beauty and the foundation of the country we live in. Now that is certainly not to say that a childless me had any less worth I just worried less. Although I have every confidence that come the new year we could sit and say see we could have gone, nothing happened I can’t shift that bloody nag in the back of my head that says what if?

I find myself getting angered by this situation, a situation where I think twice about doing what I want out of fear. Where an unknown can wield some control over my life and the lives of so many others. If I am honest I do believe we will go (and when I do I will be sticking two fingers up to all those who want to create a terror that keeps us from enjoying our freedoms) but I am not so sure it will be without a troublesome cloud lurking somewhere in the distance. Am I right to go and take my children? Or should I stay away, just in case ? I don’t know the answer, I don’t believe there is a right or wrong. I’ve asked many people for their opinion and everyone has a different view and I am genuinely intrigued by everyone’s thoughts, so, what would you do? Do you have children? Has being a parent changed views?


4 thoughts on “#What would you do? Does terror stop you? 

  1. I went to London to see friends today and it didn’t even cross my mind not to go. Reading your post I feel a little bad that I didn’t think about my boys safety in central London and on the underground. I guess it’s one of those things that if I think about too much I’ll drive myself crazy.


    1. No nor did I, It was other people pointing it out to me that even made it cross my mind. But I don’t feel bad for that, at first I thought they were overreacting, but I guess it played it on my mind long enough to make me question it. Perhaps I was victim to thinking about it too much lol


  2. Hmmm… this is something I mentioned in my most recent blog post. like you, I’d never really considered not going into the city – London for me – until I heard of other mums voicing doubts. I guess it does change things. I was very close to one of the London terror attacks ten years ago, but went straight back to work afterwards without thinking about it. But I wasn’t a mum then. Of course we want to protect our children more than anything else. But I keep telling myself that it’s impossible to avoid risk completely, and statistically there are other things more likely to happen to us (like traffic accidents) than being victims of a terrorist attack. Obviously because it’s in the news so much – and there’s a lot of scare-mongering too – it’s more on people’s minds at the moment. And I can totally understand the fear. But if we thought too much about all the things that might happen we’d be completely ruled by fear and never leave the house! So if it was me, I’d go.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes your right and being ruled by fear is no way to live. Like you say a number of things could happen on any given day but we still get up and get on and I think that’s the best way to be. Also I think you did an amazing thing going to work the next day 😊


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