Our holiday… at Butlins…

…Ok yes I know what you are thinking, and to some extent I agree, however I must say – what a pleasant surprise we all had!

I was somewhat apprehensive about this holiday. Holidays, by definition, include a plane, a beach and a sangria but with a 14 month old and 3 month old this holiday certainly did not include a plane and definitely not a beach (not on the Mediterranean at any rate), maybe a sangria, a glass of Sauvignon at the very least. Nowadays ‘holidays’ are generally the same day to day shit but ever so slightly harder as all your home comforts and usual routines are out the window. Nonetheless the five of us, myself, the OH, his daughter, our daughter and our son packed up our family estate, to the brim, and set about the three hour journey to Costa del Minehead.

From the minute we arrived it seemed this child friendly holiday would bring a whole new meaning to the word. Granted, we weren’t staying in a 5* boutique hotel with views of the crystal clear med, but I must say our accommodation was truly fantastic. You would be forgiven for believing that the setting resembled a Scandinavian lake, especially on the lovely autumnal day we arrived. The inside lived up to the same standard, modern, clean and surprinsgly spacious. Our 14 month old thought it was the dogs being able walk the entire square footage of the chalets safely and even step out onto the balcony and wave to the duckeys in the lake!

image image

She also absolutely loved the Skyline, again she could explore safely to her hearts content (not so much to ours as we constantly ran after her – I have never taken so long to drink a class of wine). She loved the lights and noise and especially all the people bustling around – she is without doubt the nosiest baby I have ever encountered. I am not convinced he the OH loved the Skyline so much as he sunk a small fortune in the arcade games, you’re never too old ey love.

We chose to have our food included, at times it does somewhat resemble the schools dining hall, especially with all the kids running around and the food strewn across the floors – no judgement here, my daughter throws her fair share of dinner on the floor which is quickly followed by a shrug of the shoulders whilst saying ‘gone’.  But all in all it was OK, It wasn’t Nobu and I wasn’t eating on a cliff top taverna gazing lovingly at the OH drinking wine (oh those were the days) but watching Zara in her element looking around and exploring foods, sights and new territory brought a new warm fuzzy feeling that felt just as good.

We didn’t dance the night away at a swanky club after having cocktails at the bar, instead after dining in the school hall, luke warm custard included, we took the babies to dance (ok bob up and down) the night (ahem, evening) away to the mini disco, but that too was fun and heart warming. I didn’t stress about nap times and bed times or what meals we were eating and when, I let the day run its course and low and behold the babies still slept and the world didn’t crumble. Well the three month old was a bit iffy on the sleep front, but that comes with the territory.

All in all our new face holiday certainly did not disappoint. It was different yes, and don’t get me wrong I do look forward to boarding a plane to sunnier climes again, but for the time being if this is what the next few holidays will be like, then I’ll take it. I’ll look forward to our son being the same age as Zara is now and reliving the pleasure she got from this week away and I’ll look forward to her being able to do more and enjoy all the things she was to young to appreciate this time round.

Cheers Billy!


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